Welcome To The Personal Side Of Richard Tatum
Tatum Family Matriarch
Tatum Family Matriarch
07/22/1925 - 03/02/2014
Hi, my name is Richard Tatum a.k.a. CODEMANRICHARD and this is my virtual home on the web. My actual home is in Acworth, Georgia where I work as a Software/Data Architect and my wife Kima is a wonderful wife and mother that makes our home a loving and welcoming place to be. We have three wonderful children Alexandra, Jonathan and Trinity. Also let us not forget about our little dogs Mildred & Myrtle and the love of Alexandra's life Matt.

Family is the most important commodity in the world. It never loses value and you will always get more from it than you invest. The Tatum Family is like all families in that we encounter bumpy roads from time to time, but with each others help and the guidance of God we will always make it through.

Kima and I hope each of you are doing well and feel as blessed as we do each day.
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Let us not forget to thank God each and everyday for the things in our lives that really matter. Take the time to think about what really matters to you and place a priority on those things. You only have one chance to live today, so live it the way you want to remember it. Be sure to let the special people in your life know that you appreciate them.

Quote Of The Month
“Pollen is the snow of the south. We laugh because we are really hoping it will rain so we can see what color our cars are again.”
Southern Lady Somewhere
On The Home Front
The Tatum family is enjoying our lives together as a family. We are all truly blessed.

Richard Clingmans Dome
Enjoying the view at Clingmans Dome

Mildred & Myrtle's Corner
M&M "Woooooof....."
english translation
"Summer hasn’t been what we wanted, too much rain (we hate swimming) and now too much HOT sun. We can’t even enjoy our walks for fear of becoming hotdogs."
Georgia Tech Football
The Yellow Jackets 2017 season  3-2

 Go Yellow Jackets!

Georgia Tech’s 2016 season recap 8-4 in the Coastal Division, a win against Georgia 28-27, and a win in the Taxslayer Bowl against Kentucky 33-18.
College Football Hall Of Fame.

New Jeep
On The Road Again.
We love our jeep.

Kima's Thoughts
Kima July was a fun month with only rain 6 days of the week. Great time with the family at the 4th July concert in Kennesaw watching the fireworks. We had a wonderful time in Cherokee, NC and the Great Smoky Mountains; God sure did create some beautiful places to visit.
Richard's Ramblings
Richard As the seasons pass and I age, oh I am aging, I am amazed and grateful that I have the ability to learn, change and improve every day. The person I should know best is the biggest mystery of all. Things that I thought made me who I am are just reflections of my current and past experiences. My surroundings, children, wife, friends, and adversaries influence the image so I must always be careful to filter the experiences to be the man, husband, father, and friend that I want to be remembered for.

Life is good!
 Sharp mind, good health, wonderful wife, family, friends, going to lakes and mountains (kayaking, rafting, fishing, camping), concerts (rock, country, bluegrass) what more could a country boy ask for. I thank God every day for my life and know the best is yet to come.
Software/Data Architect
Software/Data Architect

In Loving Memory Of Braxton
BraxtonLovingMemoryOn January 16, 2017 we lost a member of our family. Little Braxton developed heart complications and went to the big playground in the sky, where treats are plenty, toys squeak loudly, and beds are soft.  We will miss him but he is in a better place.

Baby Richard
Baby Richard says
"Happy Friday!"