Welcome To The Personal Side Of Richard Tatum
Tatum Family Matriarch
Tatum Family Matriarch
07/22/1925 - 03/02/2014
Hi, my name is Richard Tatum a.k.a. CODEMANRICHARD and this is my virtual home on the web. My actual home is in Acworth, Georgia where I work as a Software/Data Architect and my wife Kima is a wonderful wife and mother that makes our home a loving and welcoming place to be. We have three wonderful children Alexandra, Jonathan and Trinity. Also let us not forget about our little dogs Mildred & Myrtle and the loves of Alexandra's life Matt and their dog Braxton("grandson").

Family is the most important commodity in the world. It never loses value and you will always get more from it than you invest. The Tatum Family is like all families in that we encounter bumpy roads from time to time, but with each others help and the guidance of God we will always make it through.
Kima and I hope each of you are doing well and feel as blessed as we do each day.
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Let us not forget to thank God each and everyday for the things in our lives that really matter. Take the time to think about what really matters to you and place a priority on those things. You only have one chance to live today, so live it the way you want to remember it. Be sure to let the special people in your life know that you appreciate them.
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Quote Of The Month
“With my kilt I am always cool.” Richard E. Tatum Jr.
On The Home Front
The Tatum family is enjoying our lives together as a family. We are all truly blessed. We are so happy and looking forward to Alex and Matts' marriage on October 31st.

Redtop Mountain State Park
Alex and Kima Kayaking at Redtop Mountain State Park

Mildred & Myrtle's Corner
M&M "Woooooof....."
english translation
"Hot, it is so hot. Lucky for us the big guy and gentle one take us to the lake to cool off. We are indoor dogs we cannot lie, but swimming in lakes and long walks in the mountains are a nice treat. Do not get us started on camp food it is some good eating."
Georgia Tech Football
The 2015 season for Georgia Tech was anything but pretty, but I am a devoted fan looking forward to next season.
College Football Hall Of Fame.

New Jeep
On The Road Again.
We love our jeep.

Kima's Thoughts
KimaJune was a great summer month- lots of great concerts, fun at the lake with the family and enjoying the great weather (unless you are a snowman). It’s hard to believe the year is half over.
The Life Of Trinity
TrinityI am dying of boredom at summer school. Save Me!!!
Richard's Ramblings
RichardLife is good!
Sharp mind, good health, wonderful wife, family, friends, going to lakes and mountains (kayaking, rafting, fishing, camping), concerts (rock, country, bluegrass) what more could a country boy ask for. I thank God every day for my life and know the best is yet to come.
Software/Data Architect
Software/Data Architect

Baby Richard
Baby Richard says
"Happy Thursday!"